How To Choose The Right Candidate

How to choose the right candidate?

With the American election coming down to the wire, the polls have narrowed in recent days after the most recent email scandal. We thought we would take the opportunity to discuss how we at Black Fox often advise employers on how to choose a candidate.


Are they qualified? Be it from a degree or past experience, is the candidate qualified enough that you feel they would not only be competent but excel at the job. Are you confident that they will be fully up to speed with the responsibilities of the role within a reasonable time period? It’s important to find someone that is both a safe pair of hands and can add to the success of the business.

Track Record

A persons track record is often a big indicator as to how they will perform in a new role. In this election cycle it seems that both candidates’ track records can be criticised. As an employer it’s important to consider a candidate’s past experience when making a decision. Have they excelled in previous roles? Do they jump between employers frequently? Have they been given extra responsibility or promotions? Their answers to these questions can speak volumes to the candidate’s responsibility, trustworthiness and honesty.


This election cycle is all about attitude, more so than any other in recent memory. It’s important to make sure that the candidate has the right attitude to be a successful member of your team. Do they take responsibility for both their successes and failure? Are they able to work well under pressure, or as a member of a team? How motivated are they to be successful in the role? As a rule of thumb, we always advise employers to focus intently on a candidate’s attitude. No matter how well qualified a person may be, if they do not possess the right attitude for your business then it is probably best to move on and save trouble down the line.


Company culture can be a hard thing to define, but nevertheless it’s an important factor in the decision making process. We will spend more time with our colleagues than we can hope to with friends our family, so it’s important that your new hire is the right fit for your business. So if you aren’t exactly sure what your company culture is, just consider if you think you could work well with the candidate, will they click and get on well with other members of staff? If not, it may be a good idea to reconsider your decision.

Posted: 7/11/16

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