Suited and Booted – How to dress for your interview

Dress to impress

It's an old adage, but the problem with a first impression is that you can't make a second one. This is never more important than during those precious first few seconds before you have even opened your mouth during your interview – What you wear, for better or worse, will leave an immediate impression on your interviewer of who you are and what sort of employee you will make.

Luckily for you, Black Fox has came to the rescue with the Top 5 tips to make sure your first impression, is the right impression.

1) Do your research on the company's culture and dress code.
Like most things in life it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. When preparing for your interview, do your research on the company's culture – if the dress code is Suit and Tie or Smart Casual then go for a Suit and Tie. If the company has more of a casual dress code then make your outfit smart-casual. A good rule of thumb is to wear an outfit slightly dressier than the standard dress code of the company - you're here to impress.


If you're unsure about what the dress code is, that's ok. Call the company or your Recruitment Consultant and ask them. They'll be pleased that you're putting the proper thought into your interview.


2) Have a go-to "Interview outfit"
This is an investment in your success. If you have a few interviews coming up then a go-to interview outfit will make your preparation that much easier. You don't want to be running around the shops the afternoon before your interview the next morning.


3) Try on what you're wearing before the interview.
It's a sad fact, but that snappy suit or dress that you bought five years ago for your last interview may no longer fit. Be prepared and try on your outfit in advance. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing and can walk and sit with ease.


4) Don't over accessorise.
This goes for both genders. Accessorise conservatively - you want to enhance your appearance without being flashy or distracting. Pat-Butcher earrings for women and flashy chains for men are a definite no.


5) Be well groomed.
Apart from your outfit, make sure that your hair is neat and tidy, and your hands and fingernails are clean. For men with facial hair, make sure your beard is trimmed and tidy.

Final thoughts

So you've dressed to impress, you look better than ever before and you're about to walk into the company's offices to meet your interviewer. Don't let all your hard work go to waste with bad body language. Be conscious of your posture – Stand up straight, give a firm hand-shake and look your interviewer in the eye.

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Posted: 12/9/16

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