The Relationship between Job-Searching and Dating

Picture this. The clock strikes 8 o'clock and you have just finished ironing your best shirt. Your hair is coiffed to perfection and the nervous butterflies in your stomach have begun. In a few minutes you'll leave the house to meet with someone you've never met before. You're not sure what to expect, but you are ready to make your best first impression.

But wait, this isn't a first date... it's first thing in the morning and you're going to a job interview.

If you've been searching for either the perfect partner or the perfect position for a long time, chances are the experiences can start to feel similar. Truth is, you're not alone as many people report a distinct co-relation between the two. So what's the secret to nailing one, or the other? Well, we think it's embracing the similarities and treating them in a comparable way.

Here are the similarities to look out for:

(1) Both require an 'interview period'
In the dating world, potential partners need to go on a few dates before they know if they want to be in a full-blown relationship. Same goes for job-searching. Most jobs require a minimum of three interviews with a potential candidate before they make them an official offer. Neither party wants to rush the process and end up in a commitment they regret.

(2) Appearance is more important than we'd like to admit
If you turn up to a job interview looking dishevelled, unwashed and a bit messy, there is a high likelihood that you won't progress to full-time employment. Likewise, a first date requires a bit of effort! Be your best self pre-interview/date and you may get the results you really want.

(3) Sometimes a little help from the Internet is just the boost you need
Dating Apps are a-plenty in the modern world – there's Tinder, Match and even Grindr, just to name a few. Singletons who have lost faith in meeting someone the old-fashioned way have turned to technology for a helping hand... and so have job-seekers. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are proving worthy resources for job-hunters who can't find their dream position the old-fashioned way. And even if you can't find a post you love, many head-hunters look for candidates online as well and may spot you before you spot them.

(4) You need to talk about yourself an unnatural amount
From the second you start job-hunting, you are selling yourself. It starts with crafting the perfect CV, then progressing to a phone interview, and finally a face-to-face meeting where you spend the better part of an hour explaining why you are the best person for a job. Well, dating is the same. Regardless of how you meet someone, you have to get to know each other either by phone calls or texts and then progressing to a 'date scenario' which requires sharing intimate, personal details you wouldn't normally include in every day conversation. Learn how to talk about yourself with confidence and pride and you may notice a difference in both areas of your life.

(5) You may stick with it for a long time to realise it just wasn't right for you
Sometimes, it takes a few dates to realise the potential match just isn't right for you... and same goes for job-hunting. If after a second interview you aren't warming to the employer or environment don't force yourself down a path you aren't comfortable with. Take a step back and evaluate your options – the better one may be just around the corner.

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Posted: 29/8/16

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